Adpower Group History

The Adpower Group was founded in 2001 by Zahid H. Adamjee, Mishal Z. Adamjee and Hisham Z. Adamjee to manage their investments in the Global Energy sector. Over time, the Adpower Group has diversified its focus and expanded into:

Global Energy

With Adamjee Diesel Engineering in Pakistan and Adpower Energy in the Middle East, the Adpower Group has established themselves as major players in the power industry, doubling year on year growth since 2002

Industrial Manufacturing

Adpower Global is assembly arm of the Adpower Group, assembling generators and globally distributing them under the Adpower brand name

Real Estate

Adpower Properties has Medium to Large Scale Investments in third-party projects and companies the Middle East and South Asia


Adpower Investments is a partner and co-investor in Tejari Global, a Dubai World company


Adamjee Automotive is the agent for Robert Bosch GmbH in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Additionally, Adamjee Automotive represents Zexel, Holset and BorgWarner in the region

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